The Niagara is a classic ‘grand hotel’; its future potential is maximized by respecting and enhancing the character and history of the building. 

Our business plan is multi-faceted and multi-seasonal, not simply relying on summer tourism. The Hotel Niagara has been the social, business and even political heart of the Niagara Falls community for nearly a century. Given its architectural presence, “front and centre” location, elegant interior, ornate banquet rooms, extensive facilities and guest services, the Niagara was the automatic first choice (and recommendation) for accommodation, events and meetings, whether a lavish banquet or a booth in the bar.

To this day, there is no equivalent ‘premier’ facility in Niagara Falls.

The lobby bar at the Hotel Niagara used to be “the place in town” to meet and socialize.

This sprawling space is dramatically visible both to the street and the main lobby, with the capacity to justify an ongoing live entertainment program of blues, jazz and name brand comedy, which we will heavily promote to enhance the hotel’s profile, as well as offering dinner/show/hotel room packages. The Hotel Niagara once had its own radio station, broadcasting Saturday night big band dances and events, which we will revive online.

Products are less expensive in the USA than Canada, even without factoring in the exchange. The Niagara will offer Canadian guests a ‘shopping package’ including accommodation (thus increasing the duty free allowance per trip), the ability to store items at the hotel (for next trip), and the right to order and ship products to the hotel (a U.S. address).

Indeed, filling your gas tank on the U.S. side more than offsets the travel cost!

Canadian travelers also save on air fare – and avoid long line-ups at the Toronto airport - by flying from Buffalo or Niagara Falls; stay overnight at Hotel Niagara, park and take our shuttle.


Amongst the most impressive features of the Hotel Niagara are the event spaces; the main ballroom, the theatre, the grand dining room, multiple smaller boardrooms and conference areas, not to mention certain previously unexploited but dramatic areas such as the rooftop, and the cavernous boiler room.

Once nicknamed “the Honeymoon Capital of the World”, Niagara Falls is still a popular wedding destination, but there is no local facility with the character and grandeur of the Hotel Niagara. It is a priority of our sales department to keep the function spaces busy all year round, generating higher room revenues from short-term hotel traffic.



Historically, hotels have offered accommodation not just for overnight guests but on a long term and/or part-time basis. For an individual, hotel living can be very practical, especially at rates of $595 to $795/month (including housekeeping). Thousands of single people work in nearby casinos, hotels, colleges, and other facilities, yet existing local housing options are dated and primarily for families, with nothing similar to the modern options in most cities.

All units will be self-contained apartments. Carefully-designed cabinetry and furniture incorporate kitchen facilities, sufficient closets, work area, dining and sleeping functions.

The Hotel Niagara has an entertainment tradition, having been featured in many movies and played host to many celebrities. Our restoration program will consciously enhance the photogenic, classic ‘grand hotel’ ambiance and our operations team will maintain a ‘production-crew-friendly’ attitude. Penthouse (level 12) suites feature 12 foot ceilings and will be baronial in scale and finish; level 3 suites will be spacious 1920’s period apartments.

Again, our objective is to increase the international profile and celebrity factor of the hotel (you never know whom you might see in the lobby…..) 


14,000,000 people visit Niagara Falls annually, the 6th most popular destination in the world!

In fact, Niagara Falls is on the ‘must-see’ list for the fastest-growing travel demographic (mainland Chinese, whose numbers are increasing by 60% annually and last year spent over 5 billion dollars in the United States). Niagara Falls Park is the most visited park in America.

During the summer months, hotel occupancy and rates soar in Niagara Falls.

The Hotel Niagara will be the only major facility – on the U.S. or Canadian side - with genuine ‘character’. In fact, it will be a tourist attraction unto itself (which anyone who has visited the site will confirm). Tourists, while price sensitive are equally interested in the ‘hotel experience’. It’s their vacation! Some glamour and grandeur is always appealing, especially given that our rates will be deliberately competitive to ‘conventional’ hotels.

Notwithstanding the premium image and ambiance of the Hotel Niagara, accommodation rates (short and long term), foodservice and event costs will be aggressively competitive, assuring that the Niagara will not only be the preferred choice, but the best value in Niagara Falls.

The Hotel Niagara also directly benefits from the substantial promotional efforts of the local, state and federal tourist boards; in fact the Niagara Falls Tourism Centre is located directly in front of – and facing - facing the Hotel Niagara.


One block from the hotel, Niagara Community College is in the process of renovating the 80,000 sq.ft (former) Rainbow Mall into an expanded Culinary and Tourism faculty. Scheduled to open next summer, with a projected enrollment of 1,000 students (plus staff), the facility will include demo kitchens, public dining rooms, bakery, pastry shop, deli, wine store, teaching theatres and even a Barnes and Noble specialized cookbook store.

The (‘off-season’) accommodation needs of the College provide an ideal balance for our cash flow. The Hotel Niagara offers an affordable option for students and staff who prefer privacy, security and convenience (and appreciate that we enforce higher standards).

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Building Location: 201 Rainbow Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14302 USA

Sales Office: 211 Stinson Street, Hamilton Ontario, Canada L8N 4J5



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